Sheri Krams, United States

Surgery/Abdominal Transplant
Stanford University

Dr. Krams received her PhD in Immunology from UC Davis and completed post-doctoral studies at UCSF. She joined the faculty at Stanford in 1995 and is currently Professor of Surgery and Director of Transplant Immunology. During the past 20 years her lab has made many significant contributions to the field of Transplant Immunology. As a postdoctoral fellow she performed early studies on the molecular characterization of cytokine and cytotoxic mediators in recipients of solid organ allografts and was awarded a Young Investigator Award for that work. Her laboratory also performed the initial studies that demonstrated that apoptosis was critical in the tissue damage seen during graft rejection. The research in the Krams lab spans basic to translational immunological research and currently focuses on three areas: 1) Defining the mechanisms of rejection and tolerance in solid organ transplantation, 2) MicroRNAs as master regulators in viral and alloimmune responses and 3) Understanding the roles of NK cells in viral and alloimmune responses.

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