Michael Kaabak, Russian Federation

Head of Department
Kidney Transplantation
Boris Petrovsky Research Center of Surgery

Michael Kaabak graduated from the Faculty of Pediatrics of the second Moscow Medical Institute in the year of 1989. Had his residency in Pediatric Surgery at Moscow Children City Hospital No. 13 from 1989-1991. From September 1991 to March 2000, he worked as a surgeon in the Kidney Transplant Department of Republican Children's Clinical Hospital of Russian Ministry of Health. In 1997, he defended his thesis "Kidney transplantation in children". From January to April, 1999 made an internship at the Hopital Necker-Enfant des Malades, Paris. In March 2000 was the Chief of the Kidney Transplant Department of Boris Petrovsky National Research Center of Surgery. In 2003, defended his doctoral thesis "Post-operative treatment of kidney graft reperfusion injury: new insights into pathogenesis of reperfusion trauma". In 2009 graduated as Professor of surgery in the field of Transplantology and Artificial Organs. For the first time in Russia performed the following successful transplants: kidney to a one year old child, small intestine from deceased donor, and pancreas from deceased donor. Michael Kaabak focused investigational efforts on reperfusion injury, immunosuppression minimization, long-term graft function.

Lectures by Michael Kaabak

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