Judy Jung, Canada

Senior Clinical Manager
Multi-Organ Transplant and Medical Specialties
The Hospital for Sick Children

Judy Jung, RN, MHSc, CHE

Judy has obtained degrees in health research, nursing and health administration at the University of Toronto. She has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator with the oncology and palliative care outpatient population at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, developing a background in psychosocial support, project management and research methodology.

She pursued interests in chronic disease management across broader health services through the University Health Network Multi-Organ Transplant Program first as a bedside nurse working with transplant recipients pre- and post-transplant, then as the Living Liver Donor Coordinator, engaging in clinical assessment and support, patient education, advocacy, and family/team navigation. Following graduate training in Health Administration at the University of Toronto, she joined The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) as Senior Clinical Manager for the Multi-Organ Transplant and Medical Specialties Inpatient Unit. 

Lectures by Judy Jung

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