Yvie Morley, United Kingdom

Health Play Specialist
Therapeutic and specialised play
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

I am a Health Play Specialist at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in the UK. I have worked within Nephro-Urology services for the last 19 years. For the last few years I have  designed and written children's books to assist children in learning how to self catheterise. I have also written a work book for children that can be used in bladder assesments for lower urinary dysfunction. These books have been published and are being used in hospitals across the UK and in some other hospitals within Europe.

More recently I have been involved in a national special interest group in the UK who have written clincal practice recommendations for needling AV Fistula's. my involovement was in writting a section on managing anxiety when needling a fistula. These recomendations have now been published by the British Renal Society.

I am passionate about my work in Nephrology and am constantly striving to find new ways to support and empower our patients and their famillies through their journey from renal failure through dialysis and ultimately through to transplantation.

Lectures by Yvie Morley

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