Michael Fergusson, Canada

Ayogo Health Inc.

Michael is the CEO and Founder of Ayogo, and immensely proud to be part of a company acknowledged as one of the 100 most innovative mHealth companies in the world, and that is widely recognized for helping patients take control of their treatments. Over past few years, Michael won many kudos: he was Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and named to the PharmaVOICE 100, a peer-nominated list of the 100 most inspiring people in Life Sciences. What he is most proud of, though, is his work creating an environment where he and his colleagues can live the Ayogo motto: to do our best work, to change the world, and to laugh every day. As the CEO, Michael is the steward of those values, and it is a job he is continually grateful for. In his spare time (ha!) he has been a multi-gold medalist and grand champion at the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships, and lives in Vancouver with his beautiful, amazing family, very happy to be alive at this particular time in history.

Lectures by Michael Fergusson

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