Oral Abstracts Session: Increasing the Donor Pool
Sunday May 05, 2019 from 13:45 to 14:45
Bayshore E
  • 216.1 Survival in pediatric patients following deceased donor kidney transplantation with high-KDPI kidneys
    Dr. Heather L Wasik, United States
  • 216.2 Use of CDC High Risk Livers in Pediatric Recipients in High vs. Low Volume Pediatric Transplant Centers
    Dr. Christine S Hwang, United States
  • 216.3 Deceased donor (DD) versus living donor (LD) liver transplantation (LT) for biliary atresia (BA). Experience in 342 patients
    Dr. Roberto Tambucci, Belgium
  • 216.4 Use of PHS increased risk donors is pediatric liver transplantation
    Dr. Kathryn W Shaw, United States
  • 216.5 Internal splits: a way to help reduce the liver transplant waitlist time in children with a low calculated MELD score
    Dr. Caroline Lemoine, United States
  • 216.6 Domino liver transplantation with MSUD allografts: Technique and outcomes
    Dr. Neslihan Celik, United States

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