Oral Abstracts Session: Improving Long-Term Results
Monday May 06, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00
Bayshore F
  • 307.1 Blood pressure profiles and cardiovascular organic damage after pediatric liver transplantation
    Dr. Piotr Czubkowski, Poland
  • 307.3 Are non-invasive urodynamics indicated for all children requiring kidney transplantation?
    Dr. Helen E Jones, United Kingdom
  • 307.4 Incidence and risk factors for de novo donor-specific antibody development post pediatric kidney transplant: Retrospective analysis of longitudinal Cohort
    Dr. Alanoud Alshami, Saudi Arabia
  • 307.5 Longitudinal changes in cardiac structure and function in pediatric kidney transplant recipients
    Ms. Isabel de Verteuil, Canada
  • 307.6 Outcomes and immunosuppression switches in children at one and three years post-renal transplantation: one size does not fit all
    Dr. Zainab Arslan, United Kingdom
  • 307.7 (P.318 in Journal) Interval extension of Eculizumab maintenance treatment in kidney transplanted patients with atypical haemolitic uremic syndrome: an update
    Dr. Sara Testa, Italy

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