Interactive Workshop: IPTA-ISHLT Joint Workshop: End of Life Does Not Mean End of Care for Children Before and After Thoracic Organ Transplantation
Monday May 06, 2019 from 11:10 to 12:10
Seymour Room

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  • 313.2 Case 1: You are here. Where are we going and how shall we get there? Goals of care and advanced care planning conversation tools
    Dr. Elizabeth Blume, United States
  • “How many would offer ECMO as option for Fontan in decompensated heart failure” “How many would involve palliative care team at this point?
  • 313.4 Case 2: "Not withdrawing care when stopping machines” Mechanical support withdrawal logistics
    Dr. Melinda Solomon, Canada
  • 313.5 "A hard day at work” Caring for patients at end of life: Reducing burnout and promoting resilience
    Dr. Melissa K. Cousino, United States
  • “How do you take care of yourself and team?”“ What are tips for managing uncertainty of prognosis/time to death?”

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