Oral Abstracts Session: Clinical Experiences in Renal Transplantation
Tuesday May 07, 2019 from 08:00 to 09:30
Bayshore D
  • 400.1 UK National Health Service Blood and Transplant Registry
    Dr. Stephen Marks, United Kingdom
  • 400.2 Improving diagnosis and management with updated Banff histopathological classification in paediatric renal transplant biopsies
    Dr. Evgenia Preka, United Kingdom
  • 400.3 The importance of age and CD4/CD8 ratio on the presenting time and the prognosis of the polyoma virus associated nephropathy (PVAN) after renal transplantation
    Prof. B. Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
  • 400.4 Incidence of de novo donor specific antibodies and treatment response for AMR in pediatric kidney transplant recipients
    Dr. Pamela D Winterberg, United States
  • 400.5 The Value of Surveillance Kidney Transplant Biopsies in Children
    Dr. James D Odum Jr., United States
  • 400.6 Twelve-years experience of kidney transplantation in children weighing <15kg
    Mr. Muhammad Arslan Khurram, United Kingdom
  • 400.7 U-REAACT: Using mobile health to promote medication adherence in youth with kidney transplants
    Dr. Sandra Amaral, United States
  • 400.8 Pediatric kidney transplant outcomes based on timing of pre-transplant native nephrectomies
    Dr. Priya S. Verghese, United States
  • 400.9 Prevalence of abnormal hemoglobin A1C in pediatric kidney transplant recipients
    Rochelle S Liverman, United States

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