Oral Abstracts Session: Lessons Learned in Liver Transplantation
Tuesday May 07, 2019 from 08:00 to 09:30
Bayshore E
  • 401.1 The CERTAIN Registry (Liver)
    Prof. Deirdre Dak Kelly, United Kingdom
  • 401.2 Standardized feeding protocol following pediatric liver transplantation - a pathway for improved nutritional care
    Dr. Mar M Miserachs, Canada
  • 401.3 Longitudinal Changes in Health Related Quality of Life in Pediatric Transplant Recipients
    Dr. Susan Gilmour, Canada
  • 401.4 Late allograft fibrosis in protocol post-liver transplant biopsies in children can be associated with persistent splenomegaly and sub-clinical portal hypertension- A long-term follow-up study
    Dr. Venkatesh Karthik, Singapore
  • 401.5 The presence of serum autoantibodies and donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies in pediatric liver transplant recipients is associated with histological and biochemical parameters of graft dysfunction
    Dr. Ruth De Bruyne, Belgium
  • 401.6 Outcome after isolated or combined liver or kidney transplantation in patients with methylmalonic acidemia: A multicenter registry analysis
    Dr. Luca Dello Strologo, Italy
  • 401.7 Intra-operative near-miss events during left liver lobe donation surgery: The hidden face of paediatric living-donor liver transplantation.
    Prof. Raymond Reding, Belgium
  • 401.8 The Toronto Experience with Anonymous Live Liver Donors: The Pediatric Lens
    Miss Judy Jung, Canada

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