Mini-Oral Abstracts Session: Mini-Oral Session on Organ Donation
Tuesday May 07, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00
Bayshore F
  • 407.1 Evaluating the impact of the High School Outreach Initiative on knowledge and attitudes of teenagers about organ donation and transplantation
    Ms. Cynthia Selvanathan, Canada
  • 407.2 Early parameter of liver injury after pediatric liver transplantation: long – term outcome of a single centre
    Dr. Valeria Berchtold, Austria
  • 407.3 Steatotic Livers Transplanted in Pediatric Recipients: How Do They Fare?
    Dr. Christine S Hwang, United States
  • 407.4 Graft failure by rejection in adolescent kidney transplant recipients – the Rotterdam experience
    Dr. Femke H Vrieling-Prince, Netherlands
  • 407.5 Pediatric liver transplantation for malignancy: surgical outcomes and the role for segmental grafts
    Dr. Fidel Lopez-Verdugo, Mexico
  • 407.6 A Qualitative Research Comparison of the Parental and Adolescent Perspectives on Live Liver Donation
    Annette S Nasr, United States
  • 407.7 Exploring the differences in quality of life between children who were listed or not listed at the time of cardiothoracic transplant assessment
    Miss Jenni C Harries, United Kingdom
  • 407.8 Trends of use in donation after cardiac death kidneys in pediatric transplantation
    Ms. Lesli McConnell, United States

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