Interactive Workshop: IPTA-AST Joint Workshop: on End Stage Organ Failure Management of the Neonates
Tuesday May 07, 2019 from 11:15 to 12:15
Bayshore F

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Organ transplantation remains the gold standard therapy for children with end-stage organ failure, however for neonatal patients, mortality on the transplant waiting list and following transplantation remains disproportionally and unacceptably high. Although preventable mortality may be organ-specific, there may also be common causes and thus, opportunities to develop bridging strategies to facilitate infants getting to an age or size where the outcomes following transplantation are more favorable.
In this IPTA-AST joint session, we propose to have organ-specific experts discuss the current management, challenges, and potential strategies that will lead to more successful transplantation of neonates with identified end-stage organ failure.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify cross-organ themes specific to neonates relevant to end-organ failure and neonatal organ transplantation (e.g. differences in the naïve immune system, lack of complete immunizations, need for enteral tubes for feeding and hydration, etc.)
  • Define the organ-specific challenges of the neonatal patient with end-stage organ failure.
  • Describe potential organ-specific strategies that optimize growth and nutrition in neonates with end-stage organ failure awaiting transplantation.
  • Improving access to transplant care for neonates with end-stage organ failure.
  • Prof. Jens Goebel, United States
  • Dr. Evelyn Hsu, United States
  • Dr. Kyle Soltys, United States
  • Dr. Claire Irving, Australia

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