Oral Abstracts Session: Basic Science: Novel Understandings in the Immune Response
Sunday May 05, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00
Seymour Room
  • 208.1 Simvastatin modulates the immunoregulatory phenotype of vascular endothelial cells
    Dr. David M Briscoe, United States
  • 208.3 Whole exome sequencing enables a precision medicine approach for renal transplant recipients
    Nina Mann, United States
  • 208.4 Cytokine profiles in children after pediatric kidney transplantation with acute cellular compared to chronic active antibody-mediated rejection
    Mrs. Nadja Borsum, Germany
  • 208.5 Characterization of Genomic Alterations in EBV+ PTLD
    Dr. Sheri Krams, United States
  • 208.6 RT-qPCR analysis of tolerance genes reveals significant differences between paediatric and adult kidney transplant patients
    Dr. Jon Jin Kim, United Kingdom

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